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Aluminium carpentry

We manufacture ALUMINIUM and GLASS constructions using the full RAL colour palette
  • traditional and sliding windows
  • doors
  • shop windows
  • facades
  • conservatories
  • internal walls
  • glass covered roofing elements

Using the highest quality and most up-to-date profiles:

Facade systems:
MB-SG 60 structural walls ,
MB-SR 50 columnar-stud walls,
FA 50 Spectral columnar-stud walls ,
MB-Polpan facading linings

FEAL-windows and doors without thermal insulation
DPT 60-door with thermal insulation
ALU windowsills

In all systems as fillings we use joint, laminated, antiburglary window panels or ALU panels. Depending on your needs we use transparent, reflective or absorptive glass.
Our products have a guarantee and all the necessary certificates.